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LifeWave Business Opportunity

LifeWave is committed to rewarding its Brand Partners with one of the highest commission payouts in network marketing. Inspired by the ingenuity and power of the products, the LifeWave Compensation Plan provides an exceptional opportunity for both immediate and long-term income. The plan combines the best elements of different types of network marketing plans, and pays commission in five distinct ways.


LifeWave uses a binary system and a feature called Compound Marketing. Just like money earns interest in a bank account,  Compound Marketing continually stores and accrues your previous work.


With the binary system, you are only required to build two teams (legs). Points are awarded on all volume generated from sales, no matter how deep in the organization it comes from or who drives the sale. Whether that is someone in your down-line, someone in your up-line, or yourself, the points keep accumulating and are maintained for one year. This is the essence of LifeWave’s compensation plan.

LifeWave Compensation Plan

Five Ways to Earn

1-Retail Profits
Immediate Income

There are two ways to earn income immediately through retail sales.

  1. You purchase products at the wholesale member price, and sell to Customers at retail prices.

  2. Your customer order products at retail prices directly from LifeWave through your LifeWave replicated website, and you get paid the difference between the member and retail prices

2-Product Introduction Bonus
Immediate Income

Each time you personally introduce a new Member to LifeWave products through an enrollment kit, you earn a product introduction bonus. The Bonus amount depends on the rank at which each new Member enrolls. You also earn a bonus when a personally enrolled Member purchases an upgrade kit, for the purpose of increasing their inventory levels.  The upgrade bonus is the difference between the bonus paid for the lower rank and the higher rank.

To qualify, you must be in Active Status, which requires you place a minimum order of 55 personal volume (PV) per month (the equivalence of one patch packet).

3-Binary Commissions
Long Term Residual Income

This powerful way to build residual income is based on a Binary structure, meaning each position has a maximum of two positions directly under it – one on the left and one on the right.

When you enroll new Members, you simply place them on your left or right side. If the positions immediately below you are taken, you place them under the first available position on your left or right.

Commissions are based on everyone’s purchases under your position, no matter who enrolls them, or how far below your position they are. Regardless of how many people are below you, the volume still travels up line to your position. This is an ideal way to build residual income based on your efforts, and the efforts of those above and below you.

Regardless of depth, all sales fall into both sides until you accumulate a total of 990 Business Volume (BV) points. When 990 points accumulate, with 330 points on one side, and 660 on the other, a cycle occurs and you get paid.

Any excess volume that isn’t used in that cycle is retained for the next one and as long as you remain on ACTIVE STATUS. You do this by purchasing products with a minimum of 55 PV per month, equivalent to one patch package. As long as you are on ACTIVE STATUS, your volume never disappears. It just keeps building and building, waiting for the next cycle to occur.

The only other qualifier for binary commissions to be paid is that you must have two active personally sponsored members, one on your right, and one on your left. Until you do so, volume will still accumulate as long as you are on Active Status.


If more than 31 days pass between  your personal orders, you will become inactive, your Business Volume (BV) will flush, and your volume totals will change to zero.

4-Commission Matching Bonus
Long Term Residual Income

Another way to create long term residual income is through Matching Bonuses. Bonuses are based on the organization you build. You can earn bonuses based on Binary Commissions earned by people you personally enroll, by the people they personally enroll, and the people they personally enroll.

See the full LifeWave Compensation Plan for more details.

5-Diamond and Platinum Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)
Long Term Residual Income

This Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) is for Platinum and Diamond Members, LifeWave’s two largest enrollment packages, and is designed for committed business builders. The bonus provides an incentive for A Sponsor to build in depth by helping those he/she personally sponsored to build their downline, and help new Distributors build theirs. The PIB pays out to both the Sponsor and the Active Distributors up line from that Sponsor.

See the full LifeWave Compensation Plan for more details.

Vitality - Longevity - Prosperity

Joe and Cindy Bedore

Lifewave Brand Partner #854540

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