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Y-age System Kit

Reduce Stress and Inflammation naturally

For stress relief, inflammation, anti-aging

Immune System Support, Master Antioxident

Master Anti-Oxidant, detoxification, anti-aging

Strength and Stamina, cell renewal, anti-aging

Anti-Aging at the Cellular level

Health is one of our most valuable assets. Without it, everything we do can be quite challenging. The question many of us have is, as I grow older, how do I preserve my health, and maintain vitality throughout my life?  What is aging, and how and why does it happen? And most importantly, what can be done to increase the chances of living a long and vibrant life?


My quest is to have a better understanding of the aging process; what differentiates “normal aging” and “disease”, and how do we avoid aging's most serious consequences?


Most of us will definitely agree that "aging" is no picnic, particularly if quality of life diminishes as time goes on. The fact remains – aging is a part of everyone’s life.  A complex process, aging reflects all the changes that occur in our body over our lifetime. As these changes take place, we increasingly become more vulnerable to physical and mental decline, and become more susceptible to disease.  Many people associate these changes, or aging process with disease itself, and use the two terms interchangeably - the onset of disease is a result of the body getting older.

It’s important to understand the difference between “normal aging” and “disease”, as well as their similarities.  Aging can be looked at from two angles, primary aging and secondary aging. Primary aging, as described above, is the natural changes that occur over time, and is gradual, but inevitable. Secondary aging is a result of disease and often poor health practices. Secondary aging is many times preventable, and even to some extent, reversible.


A common denominator of aging and disease is that they both start in the same place, the cells. Day by day, tiny changes occur in the cells that are ongoing and consistantly happening without our knowledge. Assaults to the cells by free radicals aren’t immediately apparent as they occur, by as time goes on, the structure and content of the cells weaken and become corrupt; illness results. Diseases such as cancer can take years to develop, although we are unaware that our body’s cells are being quietly altered.


The good news is, we do have defenses. Good nutrition and exercise are pivotal in keeping our bodies strong and healthy as one eases into the golden years. Avoiding exposure to the toxins in the world we live in, the best we can, is another good strategy. Seek out natural ways to combat two of the greatest causes of aging and disease, stress and inflammation. And finally, go straight to the source of aging and disease, the cells.

Y-age System Kit

Retail Pricing:

- $269.85  per kit, includes 30-day supply of AEON, Glutathione, Carnosine

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Member Pricing:

-$149.85 per kit, includes 30-day supply of AEON, Glutathione, Carnosine

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Joe and Cindy Bedore

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