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In October 2016, I started LifeWave's Body Shaping System, WinFit.  My experience so far has been impressive! So, here is a little background.

I recently celebrated my 55th birthday, and have always been enthusiastic about health and fitness. I enjoy working out, and aside from a few ups and downs during my life, I generally stay in pretty good shape. Lately though, this had become ever-more challenging with the onset of menopause.  Although Ifelt healthier than ever, I was finding that my clothes seemed to be increasingly shrinking, and my waistline rapidly expanding.

Realizing something was changing for me, I had a DXA Body Composition scan performed at the DexaFit center in Tampa in December 2015. (Information about DexaFit) The results were not too terrible, but there was certainly room for improvement from a health stand point. But as time went one, my waistline was increasing, which  baffled me, because I wasn't gaining any weight, according to my bathroom scale. By mid-summer, 2016, I knew LifeWave was getting to unveil a new break-through system for fat loss. Already a huge LifeWave fan due to the ongoing health benefits my husband and I, and many others were enjoying, I eagerly awaited the launch of WinFit.

The big launch occured in late September, and the following month, I set forth on my new adventure. The very first thing I did was to go back to DexaFit and get another body scan performed. What better way to get an accurate profile   of my body composition just prior to starting WinFit. As I compared the new scan to the one I had 10 months earlier, I was astonished to see the undesirable change in my fat vs muscle mass,  despite all my positive efforts to maintain a healthy body weight, in just 10 months! The thing is, I weighed less! But the weight loss by three pounds, it was all lean muscle that I lost! This was very disturbing, and although it was an eye-opener, the results came to me as no surprise. Even though I weighed less, I was getting fatter. I just could not figure out why.

So on October 10, 2016, I set forth on my  WinFit adventure.

Eight weeks later, in early December,  I had follow-up DXA scans performed. The results were impressive, revealing  that I dropped 4.6 pounds in body weight, which consisted  entirely of fat loss while maintaining my precious lean muscle. This is precisely what the WinFit system is designed to do. So often, "weight loss programs" restrict calorie intake to a point where lean muscle is compromised. This may result in a lower body weight, however the percentage of the weight loss is muscle, not fat. A perfect example of this can be seen I'm my Dexa Scan results.


In early December,I also had a Fit3D scan performed to get an even more precise measurement of my progress on WinFit. (Definition of Fit3D)

As time went on, my results on WinFit seemed to escalate! This makes perfect sense. The WinFit program kept my body in an anabolic, or "fat burning, muscle building" state. Muscle requires energy to thrive, and the more muscle one has, the more energy is required. This energy comes in the form of calories and fat!


On January 30 I had a follow-up Fit3D scan. This test revealed that since early December, I only lost .7 pounds of body weight; however, my body fat percentage dropped 4.6 %, fat mass down 7.3 lbs, and an increase of 6.6 lbs of lean muscle! What an improvement!!  I can hardly wait to have follow-up scans performed later in March.

Joe and Cindy Bedore

Lifewave Brand Partner #854540

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