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WinFit Resources

For LifeWave Members

There is an abundance of information about the WinFit Body Shaping System available to LifeWave members in the back office. David Schmidt, CEO and inventor of the LifeWave technology shares the ingenious the science behind this amazing body shaping program. He explains how each of the components of the WinFit system work in harmony to keep the body in fat-burning, muscle building  mode by correcting the metabolism in a natural way.

To access these resources, log into your back office. Click on the "Resources tab" and select "Marketing Tools". Scroll down and you will find many categories of fact filled webinars about WinFit as well as many other health and wellness tips.

If you are just starting out with WinFit, here are a few that we recommend to get started. They can be found under the "WinFit Informational Videos" category.

WinFit – Overview

In this 5 minute video, David Schmidt gives an introduction and description of the WinFit system. He explains how WinFit works by changing traditional concept of “eating less and exercising more” to lose weight. He describes how the WinFit system promotes the body to enter an ideal hormonal mode to increase metabolism and lose body fat while building healthy lean muscle.

WinFit – Timing

David explains the recommended timing for the WinFit program, and how it can help achieve even better results by optimizing the process of digestion, blood sugar and insulin levels, and growth hormone levels to set the body up for burning fat and building muscle. 7 minutes.

WinFit – Patch

The WinFit patch is the centerpiece of the WinFit System. David explains how this patch can help you to lose body fat and gain lean muscle without starving yourself or engaging in extreme exercise. He explains that building and maintaining lean muscle requires energy and when the body is in muscle building mode it draws upon fat as an energy source. These results in naturally changing the metabolism by alter body composition.

WinFit – Carnosine

In this 3 minute video, David describes how the Carnosine patch helps amplify your results with Winfit. Carnosine has a dramatic effect on strength, stamina, and overall athletic performance. This helps shift the balance towards more lean muscle and less body fat, which assists in the process of an improved metabolism.

WinFit – Theta Nutrition

In this video, David describes LifeWave’s award winning Theta One and Theta Activate and their role relative to the WinFit program. He explains how changes in our body chemistry and decreased Human Growth Hormone production over time results in loss of muscle mass as we age. He further explains how the ingredients in Theta One and Theta Activate stimulate the production of HGH  naturally, which has a tremendous effect on promoting a lean body with less body fat, as well as reversing the signs and symptoms of aging. 6 minutes.


WinFit – Hydration

David discusses the importance of hydration and how it fits into the WinFit system. He explains how drinking enough water facilitates effective fat burning and detoxification. He goes on to explain how drinking beverages that contain sugar has a negative effect, since if the body is going to metabolize sugar, it is not going to be burning fat.

WinFit – Caffeine

David explains the proper and improper way to use caffeine if you choose to do so.

WinFit – 8 Hour Window

In this 10 minute video, David begins to describe the benefits of eating within an 8 hour window to get the best results possible with WinFit. He emphasizes the importance of protein and health fats in your diet, and assures that you may eat lots of healthy foods during the eating window that will eliminate hunger.

Joe and Cindy Bedore

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