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Anti-aging at the cellular level

Health is one of our most valuable assets. Without it, everything we do can be quite challenging. The question many of us have is, as I grow older, how do I preserve my health, and maintain vitality throughout my life. What is aging, and what causes it., And most importantly, what can we do to increase the chances of living a long, vibrant life that we are all entitled to?

My quest is to have a better understanding of the aging process; what differentiates "normal aging" and "disease", and how do I avoid aging's most serious consequences?

For many people, aging is no picnic, particularly if quality of life diminishes as time goes on. The fact remains - aging is a part of everyone's life. A complex process, aging reflects all the changes that occur in our body over our lifetime. As these changes take place, we increasingly become more vulnerable to physical and mental decline, and become more susceptible to disease. Many people associate these changes, or the aging process with disease itself, and use the two terms interchangeably - the onset of disease is a result of the body getting older.

A common denominator of aging and disease is that they both start in the same place, the cells. Day by day, tiny changes occur in the cells that are ongoing and consistently happening without our knowledge. Assaults to the cells by free radicals aren't immediately apparent as they occur, but as time goes on, the structure and content of the cells weeken and become corrupt; illness results. Diseases such as cancer can take years to surface, although we are unaware that our body's cells are being quietly altered.

The good news is, we do have defenses. A healthy lifestyle is pivotal in keeping our bodies strong and healthy as one eases into the golden years. Avoiding exposure to the toxins in the world we live in, the best we can is another good strategy. Seek out natural ways to combat two of the greatest causes of aging and disease, stress and inflammation. And finally, go straight to the source of aging and disease, the cells.

"The old attitude of fixing people only when their bodies break is giving way to the realization that it's preferable to prevent a health problem than to deal with it once it arrives - if it can indeed be dealt with"

--Jimmy Guzman MD

Check back soon for my next post on two super anti-aging substances we cannot live without --Glutathione and Carnosine.

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